We are delighted to be able to offer a range of seasonal and year round produce for sale (subject to availability!).  All pork products come from our own free ranging outdoor pigs, eggs are from our own birds, and honey from our own very hardworking Bwlford Bees.  To place an order, send us an

email or give us a ring!



Beeswax Wraps - £8

Made with wax from our very own bees.  Comes in a pack of 3 

(small, medium and large).


chicken eggs - £1.50

Free range eggs in a variety of colours!  Pack of 6.


turkey eggs- £2.50

Described as the champagne of the egg world, these large eggs are delicious cooked traditionally and fabulous for baking!  Pack of 6.


Bacon coming soon

We will have a selection of back, streaky and shoulder bacon in June 2020!


honey - £6

A 12oz jar of delicious honey made by our clever Bwlford Bees.

Available from June 2020.

duck eggs pic.jpg

duck eggs - £2

Laid by our Welsh Harlequin Ducks.  Pack of 6.


 sausages - £3.50

Made from our very own Wild Boar X Tamworths.  Pack of 8 plain pork sausages.  Perfect for the whole family!

IMG_0891 2.jpg

fresh produce

We often have fresh produce from our poly tunnel out by the egg stand.  If you want something in particular, send us a message, and we'll see what we can do!