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Terms & Conditions


Bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions as agreed to at the time of booking. These are in place to help everyone have a wonderful stress free holiday and to keep Bwthyn Bwlford in pristine condition for everyone who holidays with us. We appreciate your cooperation.

1. A contract between you and the owners (Mr & Mrs Griffiths) will come into existence when we receive a deposit or full payment and accept your booking by issuing a confirmation of booking for the holiday dates shown in the rental agreement. The contract binds you and all the members of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party accept the terms of the contract set out in these terms and conditions of booking. Failure to disclose all relevant information or comply with these terms may lead to termination of the contract and loss of the booking.

2. This agreement has been made on the basis that the property is to be occupied by the holidaymakers for a holiday (as mentioned in the housing act 1988 schedule 1 paragraph 9 or similar legislation in other jurisdictions) and the holidaymakers acknowledge that the tenancy granted by this agreement is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy will arise when it ends.

3. A non-refundable deposit of £25 is payable at the time of booking. Bookings made within 14 days of your arrival date must be accompanied by the full amount of the holiday charge.

4. The balance must be paid so as to arrive no later than 14 days before the commencement of your holiday. If the balance is not received by the date due then your holiday will be treated as a cancellation and you will remain liable to pay a £50 penalty.

5. All cancellations must be immediately notified by telephone and then email. If you cancel your holiday for any reason including illness and weather conditions more than 14 days before it is due to start then you will be refunded any monies already paid minus the non refundable deposit. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the holiday, a £50 administration charge will be incurred. 

6. We strongly advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance. If you choose not to then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.

7. Your booking will not be cancelled by the owner except in exceptional circumstances beyond our control. Notification will be given of the cancellation as soon as possible and we will promptly refund all payments made for your holiday. Our liability for cancellation will be limited to payments made to us.

8. No refunds for adverse weather conditions.

9. The number of persons using the accommodation at any time must not exceed four (or 5 with an infant) and only those people listed on the booking form can occupy the cottage. We reserve the right to cancel the booking without notice and without refund in case of a breach of this condition.

10. We may leave various food items in the welcome pack which may contain gluten and other allergens. We cannot be held liable for these items, and if you are unsure then please don’t eat or drink the item and dispose of it. Wine may be left and this is for adults only.

11. You may of course have visitors, but you must arrange this prior to their arrival with the owners and give at least 24hrs notice, guests are not permitted to sleep at the property, and we ask that they leave by 23.00hrs.

12. We do not accept stag or hen parties.  We reserve the right to ask you to vacate the property if we find this to be the case.

13. Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under the age of eighteen years of age.

14. We (the owner) reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.

15. We reserve the right to enter the cottage at any time to undertake essential maintenance or for inspection purposes.

16. Tenancies normally commence at 3pm on arrival day unless otherwise agreed and guests are required to vacate the cottage by 10am on departure day, this allows the accommodation to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for incoming guests.  

17. We run a strict no smoking/vaping inside the premises policy, and you may only smoke or vape outside in the garden area.  Please note we grow hay during the summer and a discarded cigarette/fire could cause catastrophic consequences for our crops and animals. Smoking or vaping anywhere other than the designated area will result in immediate termination of occupancy and forfeiture of all payments, this must be strictly adhered to and any damage or extra cleaning caused by smoking will be at your expense. 

18. Pet rules: Unfortunately we cannot take dogs or puppies that are not house trained, and we ask that all dogs be free from parasites and fleas before they occupy the property. Failure to do so may incur subsequent charges. Dogs must always be kept on a lead around the smallholding.  If they go to the toilet around the smallholding the owners must pick up all dog waste and dispose of it correctly. Dogs must not be left in the cottage on their own at any time, if you go out they must go with you. Dogs are not permitted in the bedrooms. Please bring extra dog towels and dog bedding with you as this is not provided. Please clean your dog if wet or dirty in the entrance area of the cottage. Please refrain from bathing your dog in the bath or shower. Any extra cleaning or damage caused by your pet will be at the expense of you. If you break the terms of paragraph 18 the owner or their representative may notify you that you have broken these terms and may cancel the booking and ask the holiday makers leave the property before the end of the holiday period without compensation or that they pay an additional charge. 

19. Damage to property- please treat the facilities & accommodation with due care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them. If in the event you notice damage in the cottage, please let us know immediately so that we can take the appropriate action and rectify the issue. If you do not tell us immediately then we will presume you have caused the damage and may charge accordingly.  If there have been any breakages during your stay we would be grateful if you could advise us before you leave. The accommodation will be inspected at the end of the holiday and you will be charged for any loss or damaged found. 

20. You are welcome to walk around the smallholding, but please keep dogs on leads, close gates behind you, and do not feed the animals.

21. The cottage is on a working smallholding so you my hear noise from a tractor, or other work going on.  We will try to keep the noise down to a minimum and we will also endeavour to do this when the cottage is empty and within working hours. 

22. The owner reserves the right to make a charge to cover additional cleaning costs if the client leaves the property in an unacceptable condition. 

23. Please note that in the event that the key issued is not left at the end of your stay, then the cost of replacement will be charged to you at £10. 

24. The client may in no circumstance re-let or sublet the property, even free of charge. 

25. A wifi internet connection is available (at no extra cost), but this can be intermittent given our location and subject to technical availability.  We cannot guarentee wifi internet connection, so if you require a connection for work etc, it may be sensible to ensure you have an alternative e.g. 4G or dongle. 

26. The owner shall not be liable for any temporary defect or malfunction of any equipment, machinery or appliance in the building, grounds or hot tub. Any issues arising will be dealt with as soon as practically possible. 

27.   Please bring extra towels with you for use outside the cottage or hot tub.  We recommend bringing a robe for exiting the hot tub, as it can be chilly. 

28. All inventory must remain in the property. 

29.   Hot tub- please read and abide by the hot tub user/safety guide, this is for your safety and comfort. You will find this on the wall by the hot tub and in the cottage guest information book. We are bound to maintain the hygiene of the hot tub and as such, will check the chemical and pH levels daily.  This is for your safety, and we endeavour to do this check when the cottage is empty.

30. We reserve the right to terminate a holiday without compensation where the unreasonable behaviour of the persons named on the booking or their guests may impair the enjoyment, comfort or health of others. 

31. Liability - The owner cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the property, its plumbing, oil, gas, electrical services or exceptional weather. No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of property, pets, vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to the guest or any member of the party during their occupancy. The maximum liability accepted by the owner will be the total cost of the holiday as paid by the guest to us, no other expenses such as travelling or alternative accommodation will be accepted. 

32. Children under the age of 18 must always be supervised by their parents/guardians within the cottage and on the smallholding. No one under the age of 18 must stay in the cottage alone at any time. 

33. Any problem or complaint which the client may have concerning their holiday must be immediately reported directly to us and we will endeavour to put matters right. Any complaints not reported to us at the time and only reported after the client has returned from holiday will not be considered by the proprietor. 

34. We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments or additions to these terms and conditions without notice. 

35. This property is privately owned and is part of our estate, we expect all guests to have a good time, enjoy the facilities and treat the property with the same respect they would their own house. 

36. Force majeure - The owner cannot accept responsibility or liability for any alterations, delay or cancellation or any other loss or damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather epidemics, acts of any government or public authority or any other event out of our control. 

37. Ensure all belongings are removed upon vacating the property, no responsibility can be taken for items left behind. If anything is left behind we will obviously do our very best to get it back to you. 

38. Please read and adhere to our house rules, you will find them in the guest information book. 

39. Please note that the bedrooms are accessed down 2 steps, and the hot tub is also accessed down 2 steps. 

40. Disabled guests please see our access statement for facility details. 

41. On day of your departure please leave the cottage in a clean and tidy condition, please load your dishes into the dishwasher and set it running and place your rubbish outside the kitchen door, and please report any damage or breakages before you leave. 

42. Any T&C’s not adhered to could result in forfeiture of your holiday without refund. 

43. Any dispute, claim or other matter which may arise in relation to your booking will be governed by Welsh law and you agree that any dispute will be dealt with exclusively by the courts of England and Wales. 

44. Your data and details will remain with us and will never be passed on or sold to a third party, if you would like everything we hold deleted after your holiday please advise us in writing and this will be done for you.

45. We can not be held responsible for any damage/loss or theft of personal property nor will we accept liability for personal accidents beyond our control.

46. Due to insurance constraints, we do not permit the charging of electric vehicles from the cottage.  There are a number EV charging points within 3 miles however. 

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