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the fishery

Carp lake, Bwlford Pembrokeshire
Stocked 2017 mirror common carp
common carp
Silvers, roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon
Perch 2017
Rudd Bwlford Fishery
Beautiful Mirror Carp
Mirror Carp stocked at 2lb+
Mirror carp
Bwlford West Wales Pleasure Fishery
Common carp caught 2017
Roach and Rudd
Mirror carp April 2018
Mirror carp from 2018
One of our regulars and an 8lb Oct18


Please contact us the night before, or on the day you would like to fish, to book a peg. When you arrive, please enter via the blue gate and head straight to the lake.  Richard will come and see you once you are set up.  


 Please take all rubbish home with you, and do not leave broken line or equipment on the peg.  If you have not visited the fishery before, ring us when you arrive and we will happily show you around.

In March 2017 we had both our lake and pond stocked with Mirror and Common Carp, Roach, and Rudd. At that time the carp were approx 2lb.  Shortly after we had fry in the lake and by September 2017, cottage guests caught carp weighing 3lb, and a year later in October 2018 people had caught some that were 8lb - so we know they're thriving and growing well. Hoping for double figures soon...

The lake is approximately 1/2 acre in area, and gradually slopes to 9ft in the middle.  We have 13 pegs, but left a lot of the edging flora as there is a lot of wildlife around the lake and we want to keep it as natural as possible.  It is a pleasure fishery after all! The pond is smaller and shallower with a fairly regular depth of 2ft (but another 2ft of silt), and offers a good Junior Pond for children 12 and under provided they are supervised by a responsible adult.  


Opening hours

March - September 9am until 6pm

October - February 9am until 4pm


Adult (12 years and over) - Day Ticket - £7 (2 rods max)

Children 11 and under - Free (with a full paying adult)

Non fishing carers - Free


Rod licence

Please ensure you have an up to date rod licence as this will be checked on your first visit.  12 - 16 yr olds must have a Junior Licence.  For rod licences please visit fishing-licences

General Fishery Rules

  • All anglers must sign in and purchase a day ticket before commencing their session

  • All children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an appropriate adult at all times

  • All nets MUST be dipped before fishing and allowed to dry or use a Bwlford fishery landing net

  • Barbless hooks only (max size 14)

  • Maximum 2 rods per angler

  • NO keep nets or braid to be used

  • An un-hooking mat must be used for all fish 

  • When taking photos please kneel down and do not lift fish more than 12" from the ground

  • Please carefully return all fish to the lake as soon as possible

  • No night tickets, except for guests staying at Bwlford (by prior arrangement)



Bait Rules

  • Maximum 1 kg of bait to be used per session

  • Bait allowed: corn, worms, maggots, coarse pellets, ground bait, luncheon meat, hemp and paste

  • Bait NOT allowed: cat/dog meat, trout pellets, tiger nuts

  • No surface or floating bait as we have ducks living on the lake

  • Do NOT throw left over bait or tackle in the lake or leave rubbish on the peg

  • Please use rubbish bins provided in car park  



This is a pleasure fishery for anglers and others to enjoy.  We ask that all anglers abide by our rules for the safety of the fish and themselves.  Anyone found in breach of these rules will be asked to leave the fishery without refund.  Any abuse or unacceptable behaviour towards the owners or other customers will not be tolerated and result in a lifetime ban.  Bwlford Smallholding bares no responsibility for any damage caused to vehicles or fishing equipment on site.  Vehicles and any valuables in them are left at the owners risk.  

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