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Bwlford Welsh cakes  -  A Welsh Cwtch in a Box!

Why not treat yourself or someone you care about, to a tasty box of hand made welsh cakes, delivered straight to the door!

 Our delicious welsh cakes come in a box that fits neatly through a standard letterbox.  That means lower P & P, no courier or contact issues, and a fabulous surprise through the front door!



Milk Chocolate Orange

Dark Chocolate and Fiery Ginger

White Chocolate & Cranberry

Coconut & Dark Chocolate

Lemon & Poppyseed

Every box contains 9 carefully wrapped, handmade, hand cooked welsh cakes, and a personalised note.

our flavours

Our welsh cakes (picau ar y maen)

We use a generations-old recipe and cook our welsh cakes on the family bake stone.  Over the years, we have experimented and added new ingredients to the mix, allowing us to create traditional welsh cakes with a modern twist. Where possible, we try to use local produce in our cakes, but be assured that all ingredients are of the highest quality.


We started making welsh cakes for our holiday cottage guests, and soon found that visitors were asking for more to take home with them!  We have also made batches as presents and for birthday parties.

When we went into lockdown and we couldn't see our extended family and friends, we decided to send out boxes to let people know we were thinking of them.  Not wanting to involve couriers, we decided to use boxes that fit through a letterbox.  Soon after we were asked to send boxes to other people as gifts, so that's what we are doing!

We have closed the Welsh cake shop whilst we prepare to welcome our guests back.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but watch this space!  We'll be back!  
The store is closed for maintenance
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